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Lean Certification Training

The are in place three Lean certification programs accredited by  the US-based International Institute of Executive Careers (IIEC) which qualifies an individual with a Lean professional certification that may be earned at your own pace and 100% online. It is available at

IIEC Certified Lean Coach / Professional (Lean Green Belt Certification)

The Certified Lean Coach / Professional is the way to go to any serious professional who wants to get a qualification on Lean Management for professional use. Thousands of professionals have already earned this professional certification.

IIEC Certified Lean Expert (Lean Yellow Belt Certification)

The Certified Lean Expert is the next level for professionals who want to stand out from the crowd and add an additional level of expertise and recognition to the professional career.

IIEC Certified Lean Master / Trainer (Lean Black Belt Certification)

The Certified Lean Master / Trainer is the higher level of expertise, and it is designed to those who want to contribute to the professional development of others and want to make a difference in the world.

Lean Training Courses

All the above certification programs include a FREE Online Course that can be completed 100% online and at your own pace. These Lean Management training courses are available at You can also use the registration form available in this article.

Careers in Lean Management / Production

As the cyber threat scene keeps on developing and rising dangers, for example, the web of things, require equipment and programming abilities, it is evaluated that there are 1 million unfilled cyber security occupations around the world. IT experts and other digital pros are required in security occupations, such as:

Chief Lean Management Officer (CLMO)

Chief Lean Management Officer (CLMO) is the individual actualizes the security program over the association and manages the IT security office’s operations.

Lean Specialist

Lean Specialist is the professional that shields organization resources from dangers with an emphasis on quality control inside the IT infrastructure.

Lean Architect

Lean Architect is the professional that is in charge of arranging, breaking down, outlining, testing, keeping up and supporting an endeavor’s basic framework.

Lean Analyst

Lean Analyst is the professional that has a few duties that incorporate arranging safety efforts and controls, ensuring advanced records, and leading both inner and outside security audits.

What is Lean?

The center thought is to maximize customer value while limiting waste. Basically, lean means making more an incentive for clients with less resources.

A lean association comprehends client value and centers its key procedures to consistently build it. A definitive objective is to give culminate an incentive to the client through an impeccable value creation process that has zero waste.

To achieve this, lean reasoning changes the focal point of administration from advancing separate innovations, resources, and vertical divisions to enhancing the stream of items and administrations through whole value streams that stream evenly crosswise over advances, resources, and offices to customers.

Eliminating waste along whole value streams, rather than at secluded focuses, makes forms that need less human exertion, less space, less capital, and less time to make items and administrations at far less expenses and with many less imperfections, contrasted and customary business frameworks. Organizations can react to changing client wants with high assortment, top notch, ease, and with quick throughput times. Likewise, data administration turns out to be substantially less complex and more accurate.

The Meaning of Lean

A Lean way to deal with work is tied in with understanding what’s extremely going ahead at the gemba (where value is made), enhancing the procedures by which items are made and conveyed and engaging individuals through critical thinking and instructing. Lean reasoning and practice enables associations to wind up both inventive and focused, which in turns enables them to end up more sustainable.

Today Lean has turned into another, more powerful way to deal with doing and sorting out work. It is a prevalent business framework. In a Lean association issues are open doors for significant adapting as opposed to mistakes to be hidden away from plain view. Directors go about as mentors, helping other people get open to distinguishing issues and rehearsing day by day consistent change. Authority implies making an administration framework to help another sort of commitment with the genuine work within reach, the way the work is being done presently, not the way you and your group would like to do work at some point in the future.

This is Lean Management – Niklas Modig, at USI

Lean Applied to Production and Services

A well known misinterpretation is that lean is suited just to manufacture. Not genuine. Lean applies in each business and each procedure. It’s anything but a strategy or a cost lessening program, however a state of mind and representing a whole organization.

Businesses in all ventures and administrations, including human services and governments, are utilizing lean standards as the way they think and do. Numerous associations pick not to utilize the word lean, but rather to name what they do as their own framework, for example, the Toyota Creation Framework or the Danaher Business Framework. Why? To commute home the point that lean isn’t a program or here and now cost lessening program, yet the way the organization works. The word transformation or lean transformation is frequently used to portray an organization moving from an old state of mind to lean reasoning. It requires an entire change on how an organization conducts business. This takes a long haul point of view and perseverance.

The term “lean” was created to depict Toyota’s business in the late 1980s in a research at MIT’s Worldwide Motor Vehicle Program by Jim Womack, Ph.D.

The attributes of a lean association and inventory network are depicted in Lean Thinking, by Womack and Dan Jones, organizers of the Lean Venture Foundation and the Lean Endeavor Institute (UK), separately. While there are numerous great books about lean techniques, Lean Thinking remains outstanding amongst other assets for comprehension “what is lean” since it depicts the thought process, the larger key rules that must guide your activities while applying lean systems and tools.

Purpose, Process, People

Rooted in Reason, Process and regard for Individuals, Lean is tied in with making the most incentive for the client while limiting assets, time, vitality and effort.

Womack and Jones prescribe that chiefs and administrators set out on lean changes consider three basic business issues that should manage the change of the entire organization:

  • Purpose: What client issues will the venture explain to accomplish its own motivation of prospering?
  • Process: By what method will the association survey each significant value stream to ensure each progression is profitable, skilled, accessible, satisfactory, adaptable, and that every one of the means are connected by stream, pull, and leveling?
  • People: By what means can the association guarantee that each vital procedure has somebody in charge of constantly assessing that value stream as far as business reason and slender process? By what method can everybody contacting the value stream be effectively occupied with working it accurately and consistently enhancing it?

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