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POST Luxembourg broadens and deepens range of smart IoT services

POST Luxembourg, the public provider of postal services and of telecommunications in Luxembourg has selected Cumulocity IoT to fulfill its plans to offer a comprehensive range of smart IoT services in Luxembourg. POST Luxembourg has also joined the DHL Parcel network.

POST Luxembourg has an M2M managed connectivity offering that connects more than 1.3 million cars across Europe

Since several years POST Luxembourg customers can use the M2M services of the company. IoT device management/connectivity and SIM card management and services were always key in this approach (also given the telecommunications leadership of the company) with the POST M2M Control Center, powered by Cisco’s Jasper IoT platform.

On the solutions level, on top of the automated connectivity and device management, POST Luxembourg also works with partners offering consulting services, end-to-end solutions for various IoT use cases and tailored solutions.

Vertical offers and use cases include automotive telematics (including fleet management, asset tracking and vehicle telematics) eHealth solutions (e.g. patient monitoring) and, how else could it be, a variety of solutions for smart cities, ranging from smart metering, public transport and smart waste and parking management to security, traffic management and lighting management.

POST Luxembourg Chooses Software AG Cumulocity IoT for Rollout of Smart Services

The POST Luxembourg smart IoT services offering and new solution – now powered by Cumulocity IoT

The IoT and M2M platform of choice as mentioned has been Jasper as you can see when visiting the page where Luxembourg companies can order their IoT Starter Kit.

Cisco’s Jasper and POST Luxembourg announced their collaboration to launch IoT services across Europe at Mobile World Congress in 2016. One of the first companies to utilize POST IoT Control Center, powered by Jasper, on the network of POST Luxembourg was a major European car manufacturer whereby 1.1 million vehicles were moved to the IoT Control Center platform. The automotive M2M managed connectivity offering today connects over 1.3 million cars across Europe with a broad range of IoT Telematics services that provide accurate control and monitoring of cars and trucks.

Those updated numbers are mentioned in an announcement from Software AG regarding the selection of its Cumulocity IoT platform by POST Luxembourg (end May 2018) with the purpose to ‘offer a comprehensive range of smart IoT services’ in the country. So, another IoT platform steps in. That offering of smart IoT services partially overlaps with what already existed. Yet, with Cumulocity IoT one can expect more pre-packaged solutions enabling a relatively fast time to market and, perhaps more importantly, capabilities that fit changing needs of organizations across several use cases and industries.

With Cumulocity IoT, our customers will be able to better manage their resources, parking, water, environment, efficiently control energy usage, manage traffic, and take advantage of numerous other applications (Laurent Rapin, IoT Solution Advisor, Enterprise Sales Department at POST Luxembourg)

Cumulocity IoT, among others, is often mentioned for its analytical capabilities (whereby Software AG’s Apama Streaming Analytics Platform replaced the streaming analytics engine of Cumulocity, which was acquired by Software AG in 2017), application enablement features (ranking four years in a row in the MachNation IoT Application Enablement Platform scorecard as a leader) and more (e.g. also ranked among the prominent platforms regarding security, edge platform capabilities and, since its latest release, coming with more edge extensions, an open, enhanced Microservices SDK and industrialized lifecycle support for Microservices and DevOps, IoT Platform-as-a-Service capabilities and enhanced LPWAN device integration).

It is also strong in the context of native IoT device management, fast onboarding and configuration and sustains Industry 4.0 type of applications with easy integrations with prevalent fieldbus protocols like Modbus, CAN bus and OPC-UA via its Cloud Fieldbus and real-time SCADA process and system visualizations.

Why all these (and other) features and capabilities, further including ample integration possibilities, which you can explore all here? Essentially because several of them reflect in the use cases and smart services enhancement of the POST Luxembourg IoT offering, among others the analytical capabilities enabling specific enhancements and/or use cases in the scope of a modular IoT growth path.

Rapid deployment, pre-packaged solutions and a modular IoT approach with focus on key verticals and use cases

However, the focus of the announcement on the selection of Cumulocity to power the POST Luxembourg IoT solution is mostly on pre-packaged solutions and on the ability for organizations to deploy fast and leverage what they need as their projects and demands become more sophisticated.

That’s also where the roots of Cumulocity are: the community of makers and…